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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Effects of Peer Pressure on Students

Peer pressure can be positive as well as negative. Read on to know more about the positive and negative effects of peer pressure.

Peer pressure is all about being accepted by the group. Just like adults, teens too get caught in the mesh of this urge to fit in. In the process they often fail to realise that they might be indulging in activities that are either directly or potentially harmful to their well-being.

 Negative peer pressure can wreak havoc in the life of any individual. The adolescent or a teen mind is still in the process of development thereby, they are not really equipped to realize the harmful effects of peer pressure in a clear manner. Here it is important to understand that all peer pressure is not bad. Peer pressure can both be positive and negative and so are their effects.


Effects of Positive Peer Pressure

Here are some of the positive effects of peer pressure at school.

Improvement in Academic Performance

If the peer group happens to be in school, you will discover a lot of positive changes happening in your teenager. Since the urge to ‘belong’ to a peer group is all about feeling included and accepted, there is also this natural tendency to behave and become ‘like’ other members of a peer group. Therefore when the members of the peer group believe in doing well in class and doing their regular lessons with care, you will find your child also following suit.

The direct effect can be observed in the grades. The teenager will not only learn to focus on his studies but will also show an inclination in getting involved and participating is several extra curricular and sports activities in school.

Improvement in Communication Skills

Whether the peer group comprises of school friends, neighborhood friends or cousins of an extended family, the effect can always be seen on your child. Amongst the other apparent effects, you will find that the communication skills of the teen improving significantly. His approach, attitude and behavior will always be positive.

Development of Human Skills

He will learn to value relationships and will learn that it is important to become and responsible individual. This way you will find him making informed choices, where is aware of the fact that values needs to be protected and upheld. Their natural confidence helps them to grow up with strong leadership skills as well.


Effects of Negative Peer Pressure

Here are some negative effects of peer pressure on your child.

Alienation From the Family

The direct effect of negative peer pressure is alienation from the family. The teen will just not like to be in the company of his parents as he feels that their values are standing in the way of his desires. A negative peer pressure is always antagonistic to the values that are promoted by the family. Thereby, the first thing that the teen does is to compromise the values and then indulge in activities that are contrary to them.

Disinterest in Studies

Negative peer pressure teaches and encourages the teen to ignore studies. He will thus bunk classes and be completely uninterested in academics. The grades would naturally fall the teen would find it difficult to cope up in high school or get admission in colleges. This will naturally affect his career.

Negative Behavior

Negative peer pressure renders an impact in his behavior and attitude. They feel that it is a mark of independence to disobey and disregard the opinion and values of their parents. They turn hostile and it affects their relationship with their parents, social circle and later in their personal lives also succumbs to this negativity.

Amongst the other common effects of negative pressure is indulgence in smoking, alcohol, drugs and early sexual activities. If the negative peer pressure is not timely taken care of, it can damage the future life of the teen in a major way leading to behavioral and psychological disorders, not to forget the physical harm ensuing from it.